Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Je Ne Sais Quoi

You may think I'm obsessed with those words. You may be right. 
There is something about the French style that is particularly magnetic, something so effortless that you just want to put in effort to achieve it. How could I put this? Precisely, I cannot put it in words since the very core definition of the je ne sais quoi is 'the something that cannot be described'. It revolves around many spheres, starting with lifestyle. Think Paris, 1950s, existentialists discussing over wine and cigarettes on a balcony overlooking the city's sunrise. Another image would be a late afternoon nonchalantly cooking in your boyfriend's shirt under fall's hazy sky. Style-wise - skinnies, a thrown on blazer topped with perfectly undone hair and a red lip. Complement with a bold yet feminine personality, giving life to the entire look. (For a better idea, men give their own hilarious definition here.)

Now I don't think we should be trying to copy their style, but I see no harm drawing inspiration. As a French people ourselves, digging back into our own roots and fusing our ways with theirs is just another way to express the ongoing multiculturalism. Personally, I am exposed daily to a dose when I go to school since 1/3 of my grade consists of French human beings. The West is usually only able to draw its inspiration from the much coveted style through pictures - I see it in action. They pull it off so candidly, all of them, in their own way too, whether it's walking down the hallways or giggling with me. As a matter of fact, the style ultimately comes to add an additional dimension to their already innate sense of je ne sais quoi

Point is, here below is what I draw from it so far. 

Pictures by the talented Marissa. 
Boots: Shelly's London


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