Tuesday, 8 September 2015

'Back' at it

Last one from this series.

I just lived through one of the most intense experiences of a student: frosh. Also, I happen to attend one of the most froshee-intense institutions. Day one, I was like ¨okay, I get what this is all about¨, then day two, I thought ¨oh hell no I did not know what frosh is¨. They 'kidnapped' all 1000+ of us and brought us to the middle of a field. Disoriented, the frosh leaders suddenly started throwing ketchup, mayo, chocolate syrup, flour, honey, vegetable oil, cat litter, eggs, etc. on us while stuffing us with booze. Unimaginably wild activities then followed - I'll spare the details. I still shiver when I think about my ride home in public transportation, mostly feeling bad for my co-commuters and what they had to endure. Luckily day three at the beach was a cleansing?

Aside from the madness, I do see the purpose of Frosh, and it is surprisingly relevant. In our case, our frosh group remains our class group for the rest of the year. This means that we are bound together since the very beginning with ice-breaking activities, thus showing a completely different side of our personality that might've only been revealed later on during the year, or possibly never. Being able to see fellow students in this completely different perspective is so great, since most of the time, we're spending silent time with them sitting in class. The group dynamic is enhanced since the very beginning.

However, even after just one week of serious classes, I do realize that university is so different from high school and cegep. At its basis, it's not a school anymore - but an institution. And by 'school', I am here mostly referring to the entire social dimension that encompasses the friendships and relationships that are woven. During our childhood and teenage-hood, we grow up with individuals who still have more or less time to bloom similarly, and are more likely bounded to last a lifetime. Now, it is generally harder to find someone along your vibes. When you do though, you appreciate them way more, like a rare pearl. We are so much more on our own and most of the time attend class and then go study. Luckily, there are still many, many extracurricular activities that allow such networking.

Nevertheless, this is already the start of an exciting year. So many things can happen when venturing through uncharted territory. Happy semester!


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