Sunday, 13 September 2015


Super simple outfit, a little more elaborate photography this time. I'm always looking for outfits that are appropriate for several occasions at once. Usually, I like to throw on a dress with a unique hem, but this shirt and shorts - not just any - also does the job quite well. See, I look for a rich blend of textures when simplicity is at the base. Here, a backless silk top, boxy leather shorts and a meticulously detailed dark green suede tote balance each other out. The grungy heels tone it down while still adding flare to the integrity of the outfit. The tote was going to be my beloved schoolbag for the year, until I just bought a laptop that is way too big to fit inside, so sad. It's pretty hard to find big and comfy yet stylish backpacks eh?  

Photos by Dahye

Shirt: Club Monaco
Tote and shorts: Zara



Katia Houle