Friday, 10 April 2015

Work Break

Have you ever done six hours of intense research just to write one sentence? Me neither, until today. At this point, I could feel like a philosopher.

Student struggles aside, here is an outfit that is appropriate for just about any formal occasion feat my trusty cobalt trousers and a slit black top. With high waisted trousers, I would usually wear a crop top to compensate for its bagginess, but this is just as good because aside from being tight, it is actually able to feature the entire pant. 

'Officializing' with the world what's currently on my shopping list:
  • A beautiful flowy summer dress, preferably linen
  • Marant-esque heeled sandals
  • Jo Malone or Le Labo lavender or orange blossom perfume
Honestly at this point I have what I want, trendy items included. I just stumbled upon a printed silk off the shoulder dress in my mom's clothes that otherwise never caught my attention. Score!

Photo credits: Dahye
Top and shoes: Zara
Trousers: American Apparel


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