Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Views on American Apparel

The long post - forgive me - is to compensate for the last short one? READ IT DON'T BE LAZY :)

As many of you know, I have been working at American Apparel for almost two years now, and despite still being one of the youngest, I am the most senior employee of my store, even compared to my manager. When I catch up with friends, one of the most common questions I get is "how's AA?" "You know, the same ol' good thing" I usually reply along those lines. Same? I'm starting to question that now. The company's been going through lots of change and media buzz, and our new CEO Paula Schneider hopes to reform it for the best.   

AA gave me a particular set of ~vibez~ differentiating it from most other mainstream companies. That's what really attracted me to it. Its image was always a more natural and down to earth one, promoting all body shapes and ethnic diversity. It also got sexier, borderline porno (that's been suppressed luckily), than other lines of clothing due to less photoshopping. I mean, for example, other lingerie lines' models are just as naked and provocative, if not even more, but just more plastic looking, that's all. AA's advertisement history remains a controversial one, but these are my views. Totally pro sexy, but anti porno. It also emits a rather 80s retro/artsy image, promoting art by collaborating with all sorts of eccentric emerging artists for its collections. 

When I started working there, my wardrobe lacked many timeless basics - now it's overflowing with them. But since I have all the basics I'll ever need, I find it harder to know what I want from there. They're really good, especially that they're sweatshop free and made in downtown Los Angeles, but I do get my trendier pieces from other stores, and even thrift shops tbh. AA recently had a massive 90% off sale to rid itself from all of its wackier pieces and is revamping its entire wardrobe, so I'm curious to see where that will lead to. Beyond all of the company's external matters, my own store is like a mini heaven where just a whole bunch of awesome people like to work and and chill together. 

I honestly love American Apparel. I've lived through its 'glory years', am now experiencing its 'reform' and hope to see it come through as an even better and successful business in retail.

So here is a head to toe look with some of my favourite basics from there. 

Photos: Dahye (I always add funk and embarrass myself in the bloopers of her amazing YouTube videos) S/O to your Zara shoes for this look.
Outfit: American Apparel


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