Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Stains of Glass and Today

Just having a thought on the word 'basic', here referring to people and actions. I would never classify people myself, but I am able to observe some traits of this behaviour. According to the Urban Dictionary, it is defined as:

"An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action."

Basically (no pun intended), I think that basic people follow pop culture and popular trends recurring in social media and consider it as the ideal way to be. It isn't done consciously most the time, as it is incorporated into their Habitus and is reflected in their daily actions. It's obvious because it's cool, and it's cool because it's obvious. Being basic in one context can be completely different in another, but let's say in first world countries, a cup of Starbs and night out selfies are one of the most flagrant examples. However, eating green foods or wearing a fashionable look just because it is trendy can just as well be the case. If there aren't any deeper motivations for an action other than immediate appearance, that is when something becomes basic. If you truly believe in encouraging Starbucks as a company or choose to eat healthy as a lifestyle, then your actions make sense. Being a little basic isn't a bad thing, and I think that we are all guilty, because it is impossible to escape the influences of what is constantly being presented to us. I myself am guilty of many basic things, and I even consider fashion blogging itself as one of them. Just look at the number of fashion blogs out there that are so similar one to the other. Yet this gives us something in common with the people who share this conviction, and allow us to unite, and even reshape this basicness

I guess that its modern-day antonym would be hipster, which is around the lines of someone trying to be different and not influenced by society. Nonetheless, hipsters becoming more and more common and following the same type of path, could they also identify as a type of basic? 

It isn't simple. At the end of the day, I think that being basic or hipster / same or different  isn't the question, it's about how you eclectically incorporate surrounding elements into your person and make proper use of it to nurture your personality and entourage. I look up to the people like Neil Degrasse Tyson who isn't afraid use the tools of the modern era to humourously tweet the latest astrophysical discoveries, and whether he's sipping on homemade fair-trade coffee or a Frappuccino.  

Pictures: Dahye
P.S.: This babe just uploaded a new lookbook that I filmed on her YouTube channel, and once again my sassiness is featured in the bloopers.

Shirt and boots: Zara
Clutch: Want les Essentiels de la Vie
Trousers: Dr Azhu Studios



Katia Houle