Thursday, 23 April 2015


I have this theory about friends.
It all started one tiresome morning in philosophy class last year, where my mind was elsewhere. Not that I didn't enjoy the classes, but I was dozing off. Ironically, I don't know how and why, my mind started philosophizing about friendships - more precisely, its structure. As I was doodling, I came up with this diagram that I still use today as visual support to my explanation (haha). With my skillz on Paint, let me depict this for you.

  1. Squares: The best friends. Note that the number of these people can vary a lot. You've been through so much with them, have so much in common and connect deeply. You'll definitely want to keep contact with them throughout your life.
  2. Triangles: Great friends, who are super chill to be with and with whom you share significant experiences. Definitely feel their vibes, text and can easily hang out together. Life may separate you from them, but if you get the chance to meet up again, things will most likely be as they were when you left off.
  3. Swirls: Your entourage, fun people, friends of friends, those you happily say hi to in the hallways but conversation rarely extends to anything deeper. It's always fun to see all of them at events.
I admit I'm quite peculiar but I guess the timing is also right. Being at the end of Cegep, I realize that it is a time when most of us go through a mini identity crisis, or at least start 'filtering' through our friends, choosing to stay close to a few and distancing ourselves from the remaining. I'm sure this is done many times throughout life, but nevertheless, a somewhat similar diagram can apply to one ultimately.

Anyhow, this shoot is a little more editorial. And don't worry, the escalator was shut off.

Photos: Dahye :) (Thanks for another pair of shoes hehe)
Pants: Zara
Mink jacket: my Grandma's


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