Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I have been going to two Cegeps simultaneously. Some people might call me crazy, whether it's for the amount of time I spend commuting from one institution to the other or leaving all my friends the last term. They're probably right, but I don't regret it one single bit. Apart from finally getting education in English, I just end up getting the best of both worlds. One peculiar difference I noticed is the different kind of interaction between students and the teacher. French students tend to speak their mind more and develop the subject in every way they can, whereas English students, no matter how much they say, will always say it in a more orthodox and straightforward way, almost rigid. Same goes for the teachers - and the French teachers will ask questions where there is more place to speak your mind. All of this is barely noticeable and very implicit, but as an outsider with a more distant perspective, it is interesting to see how the mentalities and teaching methods differ with the language and the culture revolving around them.

It's been -28 degrees for the pas two weeks now... which means turtleneck weather! Below is a sheer one worn with a sports bra. And no the sheerness doesn't kill its purpose, au contraire, the indoors heating has never been blasting so hard, so as long as I have a warm coat, I can basically wear anything under it. Forget the shorts though. I've been craving some major monochrome since this summer, but now I tend to add a pop of colour or mix in neutrals with it.

Photos: David Sénécal :)


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