Friday, 30 January 2015

Double Sided

The challenge of asymmetrical clothing is that on one side, it might look somewhat plain and proper, but when the other side is revealed it's a whole different peek-a-boo story. Because this is a rather unconventional area to reveal some skin, I thought it was most logical to pair it with some wide-legged palazzo pants, resulting in a sporty-minimalist-70s-streetstyle hybrid look, topped off with some art-decoish accessories.This outfit remains one of my favourites in my wardrobe even though it's kinda hard to wear to school. 

S/O to the storm.

Photos: my lovely Dahye
Top: Zara
Palazzo pants: H&M
Mules: Aldo
Necklace and cuff: flea market


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Katia Houle