Friday, 19 December 2014

Autres Lieux

Finals are done my friends, and we can all take a moment to breathe, then sleep until the apocalypse. 
This is also the last of this series of pictures. From now on, there will be almost only outdoor pictures, which, I think, isn't a bad thing. 
This is as far as I go graphic. The only other graphic shirts I have owned are band tees, and now I wear them as loungewear. However, this one particularly caught my eye because the writing is not cliché and OMG-so-deep, it has a sweatshirt-like cut which is very versatile - easily worn with low rise or high rise pants, and finally, it literally spoke to me since I speak French, English and Asian (Chinese, not Japanese sadly). But hey, my parents were living in Japan in 1993. Clearly I relate way too much with this top.
Too bad I lost it.

Credits: VP Photography!
Velvet ribbed trousers: My mom's
Everything else: Zara :')

Happy Holidays!


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