Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Stylistic Decisions

Sometimes I derive from one style to another. I change moods, therefore I change outfits. It bothers me, because I want to stick to a type of look. A single way of dressing, reflected through a tasteful and consistent uniform. Most fashionably influential celebrities can be spotted wearing their iconic piece; take Alexa Chung with her pussy-bow blouse, or simply Anna Wintour with her shades and bangs combo. A lot of people's style changes with their mood, or in the fashion blogger world, especially according to trends. I remember when I started being interested in fashion back around 2008, where the galaxy print was super in. It seemed completely normal and cool to adopt those, but honestly, looking back, I must admit it was pretty mindless and must I admit, hideous to my taste. On the other side of the coin, people experiment with trends because they like it, and ultimately through them search for their own style. Their own style, that is, is very often influenced by what's in. And that's what I disagree with. It should be so much more than just copying looks straight off the runway, or in most cases nowadays, social media, but an integrity of one's personality, culture, environment (professional, social,..), lifestyle, and simply preferences. Sounds like a lot of variables, but there's not that much thinking about that done when in front of the closet getting dressed, since it is as implicit as thoughts, I think. 

That being said, I still am not able to completely decipher my own style. I've had quite some experience in the fashion world, but I still sometimes find myself relying on my mom to filter out my pile of clothes when shopping. Somehow, people are easily able to identify the singular way I dress. However, I've very recently come to realize that my style has two faces, and I'd like to share this. Day and Night. Sounds easy, even cliché, but for me, I've never realized that there was this much of a gap in between the way I'd dress accodringly. But Day and Night have a symbolic. Day represents the everyday life, the usual routine, but also the events and the nightlife. A paradox - but still, the way I usually dress. Stylish, je-ne-sais-quoi, somewhat appealing, artsy qualify as some keywords. Night, being the side that no one knows, the one that I do not display. The face that even I seldom experience because I still am not able to develop and understand it. It is above all a personality, but fashion allows to express it. Still incredibly vague. This duality never came in conflict, but I yet long to see if it ever will. 

This present outfit is extremely experimental. I would actually wear all the items, but not together once again. Could qualify as Acne inspired minimalism. 

Trousers: Zara



  1. Enjoy the somewhat confusing "fashion phase" :D
    as with many things, style is developed with and through time ..
    Yours is amazing, just to say.
    I really like it.


Katia Houle