Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Neo B&W

This is the first of many from a nine-look series I just shot. What it has in particular is that all of the looks to come consist of short dresses and tunics that just might be a little too short to wear on their own (you know you're guilty). To play with proportions and give them a new life with a modern and fashionable edge, I styled them with longer layers, mostly consisting of palazzo pants, midi skirts, and the ever man-repelling culottes. Each look has its own flair - some are urban, some are zen, some are beachy and some are  professional. 

If you look carefully, the 'dress' I'm wearing below is actually my mother's edgy-rocker authentic moto dress from the 80s. You can just tell by the broad shoulders and the zip that goes all the way down. To be honest, I would probably wear that dress alone on, let's say, a night in the town, but I still find it more amusing to dress this down to a to a completely different level - almost unrecognizable from its era. Here layered are a kimono and culottes, which keep the outfit amusingly monochrome. 

What I've been doing so far this week is amazing. I am basically in the middle of nowhere doing nothing. In other words, I am at the countryside by the lake sleeping in, cooking, reading, blogging (just a bit), and, well, incorporating more of nature into my life. I now have time to make myself infamous green smoothies every morning, but other than that, some of my activities included spending 30 minutes trying to photograph a snail under the microscope with my phone and trying to communicate with a frog through the sound of a rippled drinking glass. Today was even more awesome. Having some friends from work over, Canada Day was celebrated through various peculiar activities. We canoed on the lake despite the heavy rain and, like somewhat newbie explorers, landed on a desert island, docked our ships and attempted to bring back a valuable treasure for our spa-demanding faces: clay. Unfortunately, the resource was inconveniently buried in the coastal sands, and not wanting to expose our frail bikini bodies into the water, the mission was aborted. We scurried back, on our way reenacting and filming the dramatic raining boat scene of The Notebook. We also spent about an hour in the jacuzzi, and went stick hunting for the smores to be roasted over the campfire. As I presently write I still have the earthy smells of rain and smoke haunting my nostrils. 

Lol to that metaphor. 

Sherpa bag: Ecote
Clothing: my mom's


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