Saturday, 15 August 2015


Someone recently told me that I hadn't been posting enough, so here are my efforts trying to redouble it. Well heh at least it's being read a little. 

Midi skirts. Originally super feminine, and its effect doubled with heels. (As Alexa Chung says, flats with minis, heels with longer hems.) That's all that this look is going for - I can't even categorize it in a specific style. Boho-esque, feminine, retro, appropriate,.. the list goes on. The key to keeping the midi skirt feminine is the waist-to-hip defining. However, I recently noticed that a whole new vibe can be given to midi skirts when paired with something long and loose-fitting, like an oversize boxy sweater for example. Proportions are suddenly counterbalanced and that is when the minimalist flare comes out. Especially with flats. 

There are two type of people in this world. And trust me on this one this is the biggest difference I notice nowadays. Career wise, either people are saying to go do what you love, or either they're telling you to stay ambitious. The problem with most people who stick to the 'do what you love' mentality usually end up doing studying something super abstract or that doesn't even lead towards a career, or even worse, nothing, and end up doing something in the arts and/or not very stable. The problem with the 'ambitious' people is that so many overwork, get depressed, and at the end, aren't even happy. Then there are the people who miraculously love what they study or their job and also turns out to be intelligent/useful/elevating/ethical. Lucky them, honestly. 

Now I've seen a bit of both sides of the medal, and both extremes scare me. Personally, I've decided to keep harnessing my artsy fartsy hobbies on the side, while staying open to where life will take me and staying ambitious. Also to incorporate those hobbies into my job would be ideal. That way I won't have to depressingly live off government pensions, yet stay human. It's just the best compromise. What do you think?

Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Sherpa bag: Ecote



  1. I feel like there will always be a way to incorporate what you love in a path you chose (considering it's one you know you don't absolutely hate but kind of have a "I don't mind doing that" attitude). there's so many different jobs possible nowadays that you can always try to "personalize it" in some way. Say for example, you decide to go in business, you could still work in the fashion/art sector so it's a good compromise!! nice photos BTW

    1. I totally agree. At the same time though, less and less well paid jobs are available to the graduates with degrees, whereas the low income jobs are booming. If we're talking money-driven people, then the sacrifice for earning a decent is even greater nowadays than let's say, just 10 years ago.
      Thanks gurlll


Katia Houle