Thursday, 21 May 2015

On Top of the World

Like many, I just crossed a big step. Cegep, that is. Looking back at it, it may have been easy to feel that everything was at its right place, that life was easy and just works itself out for you. Living by your parents' means yet trying to figure what you want for your own life, a comfort zone basically the continuation of high school yet an insightful taste of experiences. Somehow we got bored of it after two years, but when the end approached, I at least could feel a whole new wave of uncertainty coming forth, life itself being thrown at me. A part of me liked what I had grown accustomed to, but the other part of me urges for the freshness of the future. Now I know I am speaking as if something major is on its way even though it is just university - one day that will also get habitual, but may life never. 

Studded sandals: Ralph Lauren
Silk dress: vintage

Photos by Dahye (Who has a new domain!)


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