Friday, 6 February 2015

Updated LBD

Let me talk about my tastes in music. I used to spend a lot of time digging up underground labels and scavenging unconventional sounds, but now that era is over. Now that I rarely have time, I mostly go with friends' recommendations, some link-to-link discoveries, as well as my own pretty solid collection that I have built throughout my humble existence. 

As an easily influenced preteen, I was content to follow Virgin Radio's top hits. No comment. Then I made the groundbreaking discovery of the Beatles, which got me crazy into rock music. Being the timeless basis but thirsting for more diversity, I opted for my dad's vinyls, the most convenient option. I remained in this 'safety zone' for a while, anew satisfied with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, aka the typical Hipster Phase. My friends from my amateur band once recommended the Red Hot Chili Peppers to jam on, and I instantly fell in love with them, hence owning all their albums on my iPod Nano 4th Generation and crying at their concert. They will forever be my true first love in music. 

As time went by, I ran out of their tracks to listen to, so again, I had to move on. At that point I was desperate for something similar - alternative rock - but to no avail and unsatisfied. Being a classical musician, what I look for the most in music is a complex melody. The lyrics come in second surprisingly. 

One day, my friend told me about this band with so much passion and conviction in her eyes that I couldn't not check them out. That was Alt-J. I still cannot get over how amazing their music is. It's as if they created a genre of their own combining electro, alternative and whatever experimental they're doing; keep it up. I even heard that the composer of the band has a classical music training, so maybe that's why they are so satisfying to my ears. 

I would say that I am still in that phase, but it is coming to an end soon. However, I have forged throughout my teenage and early adult years my official taste in music, generally oscillating between alternative and indie rock and mellow electro, with a beautifully complex arrangement. Oh, I've also recently been into French 80s pop. I must admit that this musical path is almost archetypal for pre-millennials and that a lot of people could probably relate; nevertheless, I am happy with it. Obviously I am super opened to all music genres, and depending on the context I will find some more appropriate than the other (ex: drop-dat-bass rap when the Sun goes down), but I am referring to the music on my phone. 

Finally, a handpicked sample list of artists who have earned Katia's respect, no particular order:
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (absolute must)
  • Alt-J (can't get enough of it)
  • Radiohead (90s kids will know)
  • Chromeo (they are the gods of sass, timing and beat)
  • Angus and Julia Stone (their voices crack me down each time)
  • √Čtienne Daho (tb to your parents' honeymoon)
  • Talking Heads (talkative heads)
  • Haim (got the 'tude)
  • Atoms for Peace (combination of Radiohead and RHCP. No way.)
  • Iron and Wine (peaceful and soothing)
  • Chet Faker (sensuality at its finest)

Photos: Dahye :)
Dress: Zara Studio (one of my best purchases ever)
Loafers: Zara


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