Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I have a bank. A bank full of pictures that I am dying to share with you one by one. Just this weekend, I had a major photoshoot with my fellow blogger friend Dahye of Heydahye with some fresh looks, but first, I'll gladly share with you what's been accomplished beforehand. Perks of timeless outfits - you'll immediately notice that you can easily recreate these looks, yet without being so last year.
What's up with my current life, you may ask? Being a full time student, it's completely normal to be drowning in my assignments, I guess. Apart from trying to balance studies and social life, I actually tried out something completely new to me this past weekend. I participated in a European Union simulation, where my entire Friday evening and Saturday (8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.!) was spent discussing politics and diplomacy. Alongside with my partner representing the Netherlands, we had to figure out Europe's future relations with Russia, without neglecting any single aspect in our negotiations. It was by far one of the most stimulating activities I had done in a long time; most certainly more than sitting in a classroom all day. Lately I've come to realize that saying yes to whatever knocks on your door is what will bring you to the furthest in life, especially all you students unsure of your future. 

Deep post aside, here is my next outfit. Obviously not seasonally appropriate, but definitely still wearable at indoor parties. Bustiers and culottes are still in - I'm starting to think that they're becoming closet staples, just like skinny jeans and ankle boots. 

Bustier: Zara - Culottes: my mom's (believe it or not) - Heels: Zara
Credits to VP Photography.


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