Saturday, 27 December 2014


No matter how intense your social life is, always remember that Christmas is the time to cozy up with family and relatives and enjoy the simple, traditional life. There are little kids in my family, and they really helped me unleash the inner child in me when I played and teased them. It's still crazy how we were all once so young and carefree. Christmas always reminds me of it through the smell of freshly baked homemade pie, familiar and peaceful carols, and... PRESENTS MUAHAHAHA. I'll never get over the excitement of tearing open my gifts. No one will. 
On this chilly evening I remind everyone in their cozy beds, protected from the harsh weather, of beautiful and not too sweaty Sundays in summer, when the eccentric population of Montreal would bring out their tam-tams and gather, dance and soak up some rays. It just makes sense to throw on some lightweight and colouful pieces of clothing. 

Pictures: the lovely Dahye

Silk cami: Topshop
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
White leather shorts and bag: Zara
Heels: my mom's


Friday, 19 December 2014

Autres Lieux

Finals are done my friends, and we can all take a moment to breathe, then sleep until the apocalypse. 
This is also the last of this series of pictures. From now on, there will be almost only outdoor pictures, which, I think, isn't a bad thing. 
This is as far as I go graphic. The only other graphic shirts I have owned are band tees, and now I wear them as loungewear. However, this one particularly caught my eye because the writing is not cliché and OMG-so-deep, it has a sweatshirt-like cut which is very versatile - easily worn with low rise or high rise pants, and finally, it literally spoke to me since I speak French, English and Asian (Chinese, not Japanese sadly). But hey, my parents were living in Japan in 1993. Clearly I relate way too much with this top.
Too bad I lost it.

Credits: VP Photography!
Velvet ribbed trousers: My mom's
Everything else: Zara :')

Happy Holidays!


Monday, 15 December 2014


Clearly I had a little too much fun taking these. But really i'm just reflecting the magnificence of the location.  
Yesterday was my Christmas piano concert! I played a piece called Liebestraum by Liszt for which I am in love. It falls into the romantic period and has a lyrical and heartwarming melody. For those who are relatively new to classical music, I recommend listening to this one. This timeless masterpiece is right away appreciated. 
As for ze outfit, I decided to give a rather feminine flare to some edgier pieces. If I had worn the same biker jacket and buckled booties with, let's say, some black leather pieces, it would instead have given this badass-motor-chick vibe. It's not your typical color scheme either. Mixing cream and olive is a less traditional way to wear your neutrals palette, but then of course topping it off with black accessories.  

Credits to VP Photography :D
Everything from Zara



Thursday, 11 December 2014


When you spend four days in a row at the McGill library until 2 a.m. for a Calculus exam even though you've been listening in class the whole year and still stress your life out, you know it's not for you. At least it went well?

Gotta clear my mind a little.

Here is a jumble of pictures, events and inspiration.

My first feature ever on Newlook! Casually posing next to Alexa Chung.

Happily attended Spoiler Magazine's launch #4 at Luwan bar. With Dahye, William, and his nice friend.

Whowhatwear posted one of my favorite posts yet, displaying current trend tips through the timeless archives of Vogue magazine.

Def wearing this on NYE.
And finally, a little #tbt with the rest of the pictures for my shoot with American Apparel a year ago.



Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Black, White, & Red All Over

I definitely should not be writing this post at the present moment.

One word: finals. Oops. But that also means more stress relieving, right?
As for my methods, they don't involve going to therapists or hot yoga - I'm way too lazy and busy. Instead, they mostly revolve around art. Surprisingly, listening to some indie tracks on Songza, focusing on stroking my paintbrush on some paper for a few hours or emotionally playing piano can be way more effective for me. Same goes for blogging. It allows my mind to escape temporarily, then come back to reality (a.k.a. studying), a little bit more at peace. Everyone is going through the same thing at the moment though, I hear you. Let's just party/sleep the hell out afterwards.

This outfit is meant for those events you're going to be attending, maybe the more formal ones. The leather shorts and the red leather jacket keep it edgy and festive, whereas the [also] red loafers and crisp white button up add a rather clean and polished touch. It's all about finding balance. Throwing on that red leather jacket on any monochromatic look can instantly make it more vibrant, especially paired with a similar lip color.

UPDATE: The jacket is also Pantone's newly announced colour of the year: Marsala.

Thanks VP Photography!

Shirt: Zara, Leather shorts: Zara, Loafers: Zara
Leather jacket: vintage